27 May

History of the Halytska Korona

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Lviv was founded. Eyes shone with happiness, and shoulders were straightened with pride. But the crew grew tired, and King Danylo wanted to treat his subjects, feed horses, and leave aside his crown to take a rest here, in the shade of the forest, near the lake on the outskirts of his town. He ordered to stop and set up a camp.

Anna Mstyslavna, a Galician Princess, joined her husband on this trip. She had a tradition to drink upon every King’s victory a glass of the best wine that had been gaining flavor for years in the family cellar. During this trip, she asked her servants to grab some of the best bottles.

They were enjoying the festivities until stars became brighter than the bejeweled crown of King Danylo. The husband was going to bed. He took off his crown, put it on the Galician land, right next to him, and it was left on that place forever.

The King who founded the City of Lions also gave rise to our "Halytska Korona".


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